Susan Cozzens: Creating Professional Development Opportunities for Graduate Students

Communication and conflict-management are essential skills for graduate students. Building on ETD's undergraduate curriculum, Dr. Susan Cozzens is collaboratively developing a graduate team science curriculum with tools like team charters and crucial conversations.

Juliana Alfonso: An Alumna MVP of Team Dynamics Training

To work towards a common goal, teammates need to speak the same language and define expectations, Juliana Alfonso advises. Juliana, a newly minted Georgia Tech graduate, shares her seasoned approach to cultivating effective team dynamics.

Figuring Out Positive Team Dynamics

We've all had frustrating team experiences. Maybe one team member feels like they're doing all the work, and another team member feels like their ideas aren't being heard. What if we could make teamwork experiences less painful, and even enjoyable?

Creating a Positive Work Environment @ CRC

Caroline Dotts, the associate director for healthy lifestyle programs at Georgia Tech’s Campus Recreation Complex, shares the way Georgia Tech’s Campus Rec (the CRC) is using CliftonStrengths to create a positive work environment.

Integrating Team Science into Graduate Training

On a quest to prepare STEM graduate students for today’s team-based research environments, Dr Susan Cozzens at Georgia Tech is leading an interdisciplinary team in the development and implementation of evidence-based ‘team science.’