We believe in the potential of interdependent teams to achieve more than individuals working alone. Our campus-wide initiative equips teams across the university and beyond to meet the challenges and explore the opportunities faced by today’s teams.  


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Our Mission

The Effective Team Dynamics initiative supports the Georgia Tech community by identifying, developing, and leveraging individual and team strengths. We coach individuals and teams through self-discovery and developmental workshops focused on optimizing effective team dynamics.

Our Vision

Georgia Tech will be a community where everyone’s unique contributions are recognized. The ETDI cultivates a supportive, productive, and harmonious community grounded in strengths-based collaboration.

ETD Resources

We integrate our Undergraduate Curriculum into core courses throughout a student’s degree program. We base our approach on decades of research across multiple disciplines, including team science, applied psychology, and education. We draw from CliftonStrengths’ approach to encourage students to focus on what is right with them and to appreciate the diversity of their teammates.  

Our Interdisciplinary Graduate Research Teams Modules target the needs of graduate students. From full-day workshops to 50-minute class-integrated sessions, we offer training in both a traditional course context and in professional development settings. 

Our Faculty and Staff Workshops are geared toward building strong interpersonal relationships and healthy team cultures. Our workshops specialize in team development, conflict resolution, team-based project leadership, and team communication. A strengths-based approach improves engagement, health, and well-being through fostering positive interactions.

Gallup research has shown that teams who focus on their strengths are six times more likely to be engaged. Let ETD help you explore the power of strengths-based psychology in your academic and professional contexts.