First-Year Seminar Curriculum Set

Based on strengths rather than weaknesses, students learn communication and how to take advantage of their unique abilities to create an effective team. This curriculum set will develop foundational knowledge, skills and strengths of students towards self-awareness, teamwork skills, and setting up teams for success. In first-year seminar courses, students are trying to understand more about themselves and their classmates and are often put into teams to do a short-term project. Everything that the instructor needs to implement the curriculum set is provided.

Before Class Activities: 75 min
  1. Take External Strengths Finder Assessment (20-40 min)
  2. Watch GallupStrengths Video (5 min)
  3. Highlight Strengths Report (10-20 min)
  1. Download the ETD App (3 min)
  2. Watch Instruction Video (5 min)
  3. Complete My Mindset Worksheet (7 min)

The sample email below includes all links to videos and worksheets that students will need to complete the two activities assigned as pre-work to be prepared for the in-class ETD session.

Team Action Plan Pre-Work Sample Email.pdf

In-Class Session: 50 min
  1. Buffer [get class started/announcements/intro time] (3 min)
  2. Content Video (12 min)
  3. Discussion (5 min)
  4. Instruction Video (10 min)
  5. Complete the Team Action Plan template as a team (15 min)
  6. Buffer [end of class updates] (5 min)