Graduate Curriculum

Learning Objectives

Module 1: Innovation and Productivity in Teams
  1. Identify factors that contribute to the growing prevalence and importance of interdisciplinary teams.
  2. Describe the ways in which working in a team can either help or hinder idea generation.
  3. Describe the relationship between collaboration and team productivity over time.
  4. Acknowledge and identify some challenges researchers experience when working in an interdisciplinary team.
Module 2: Diversity; identities, contributions and values
  1. Reflect on what dimensions of diversity are salient to yourself and others.
  2. Explain the relationship between team diversity and team performance.
  3. Reflect on and articulate aspects of your patterns of thought/behavior on teams.
  4. Construct a plan to integrate all patterns of thought/behavior and maximize team functioning.
Module 3: Effective Communication
  1. Describe some possible ways communication challenges arise in interdisciplinary teams.
  2. Analyze communication challenges in research teams.
  3. Formulate solutions to communication challenges. 
  4. Identify language unique to your discipline that might be misunderstood outside the discipline. 
Module 4: Leveraging and Managing Conflict
  1. Choose appropriate conflict management strategies for a given conflict situation.
  2. Construct a plan to address a major conflict. 
  3. Preserve working relationships during crucial conversations by employing empathetic listening.