Undergraduate Curriculum

Curriculum Sets

ETD activities can be used independently; however, rather than just completing a one-time activity or one-day session, many instructors find it useful to pair together activities in one or more sessions to create further in-depth team dynamics conversations and skills building.

Curriculum Sets are example groups of ETD activities that work well together and sample timelines for when to use these materials through a semester-long course. The Curriculum Sets below are based on real courses at Georgia Tech that have been using ETD materials for multiple years in a classroom environment. They were created in collaboration between professors and ETD’s Gallup certified strengths facilitators. Each Curriculum Set adds no more than 5 hours of work for students, so that team dynamics conversations feel in-depth but do not pull focus away from the courses’ primary learning objectives.

It is especially recommended to use a Curriculum Set if your course involves a long-term team project. If the examples below don’t meet your needs, you can also contact the ETD facilitation team to get advice on creating a unique curriculum set for your course or on your own. Also, you can try combining different activities from our full curriculum list and see how they work within the context of your course.



The ETD curriculum comprises of a series of activities and short lecturettes (5-15 minute-long content-heavy videos) designed to focus on the elements of team dynamics.

Lecturette Context Videos
Instructions / Pre-Work Documents
Tangible Takeaways / Additional Resources

At the bottom of this page, you will find links to all ETD activities available online. You can filter activities based on learning objectives or based on the appropriate range of time it takes to complete (more specific timing can be found when opening activity files). When you click on an activity, you will then be given additional “fast facts,” a description of the activity and its learning objectives, instructor preparation materials, and notes/additional resources all tailored to help you decide which activity(s) are best for your personal Effective Team Dynamics session.