Senior Design Curriculum Set

This Curriculum Set includes three Effective Team Dynamics (ETD) activities. The first two activities, Claiming Your Strengths and My Mindset, are assigned as “pre-work” to be completed individually by students as homework. The pre-work is expected to be completed at home and take a little over an hour (approximately 75 minutes). These activities do not need to be assigned at the same time. ETD recommends assigning Claiming Your Strengths after the first week of classes and assigning My Mindset the week before you plan to have your in-class strengths session where you will complete the Team Action Plan activity. Click on the activity titles in the outline below to view all activity materials and detailed notes for instructors.

Before Class Activities: 75 min
  1. Take External Strengths Finder Assessment (20-40 min)
  2. Watch GallupStrengths Video (5 min)
  3. Highlight Strengths Report (10-20 min)
  1. Download the ETD App (3 min)
  2. Watch Instruction Video (5 min)
  3. Complete My Mindset Worksheet (7 min)

The sample email below includes all links to videos and worksheets that students will need to complete the two activities assigned as pre-work to be prepared for the in-class ETD session.

Team Action Plan Pre-Work Sample Email.pdf

In-Class Session: 50 min
  1. Buffer [get class started/announcements/intro time] (3 min)
  2. Content Video (12 min)
  3. Discussion (5 min)
  4. Instruction Video (10 min)
  5. Complete the Team Action Plan template as a team (15 min)
  6. Buffer [end of class updates] (5 min)
Homework with Team: 45 min
  1. Read the “Collaboration, Contribution, and Compromise” section of the activity guide “GT Mini 500 – Choosing Team Roles” individually (__ min)
  2. Complete steps one through four of the activity guide individually (__ min)
  3. Complete step five of the activity guide as a team (__ min)
  1. Assign student teams steps one through four of the activity guide “Tasks and Responsibilities in Team Work Settings” (__ min)
  2. Optional: Ask students to answer the Expanded Discussion questions (__ min)
In-Class Session Part 2*: 45 min
  1. Buffer [get class started/announcements/intro time] (1 min)
  2. Watch the video guide and follow the prompts on when to stop and start the video (__ min)
  3. Encourage your students to plan and have the crucial conversations that they need to have with their teammates or other people in their lives [roommates, significant others, parents, advisor, etc] (__ min)

*Does not have to be done in class

Optional Team Assessment: 45 min