Claiming Your Strengths

50 min



Competencies: Communication, Conflict Management, Planning Strategies, Reflection

Learning Objectives

  1. Develop a common language to discuss knowledge, skills and strengths within the team
  2. Understand different ways individuals can infulence and contribute to the team.
  3. Build communication, conflict management, planning strategies, reflection competencies

Instructor Preparation

  1. Decide how students will access Clifton Strengths Assessment by reviewing the Gallup Instructions Guide. There are 3 methods by which you can access the assessment:
    • Students purchase the StrengthsFinder 2.0 book or their own assessment code
    • Instructor purchases code for all participants and send access info via email to participants
    • Instructor sets up a contract with Gallup to create a specialized site -www.[Your University] for your university students to get codes
  2. Watch Gallup Strengths Finder video to learn more about Claiming Your Strengths
  3. Communicate with Your Students: This activity will be completed outside of class, so let students know their instructions use one of the email templates below depending on how you are using this activity.- Students completing the Claiming My Strengths activity independently of other activities will use this email template: sample email.pdf
    – Students completing all activities in the First Year Curriculum Set (Claiming my Strengths, My Mindset, and the Team Action Plan): sample email.pdf

Notes for Instructors

  • Additional Reading: Learn About the Science and Validity of CliftonStrengths
  • Sample Claiming Your Strengths Rubric: The Claiming Your Strengths Activity is pre-work for the Team Action Plan Activity. Instructors suggest that students submit a copy of their highlighted report as an assignment to ensure the pre-work is completed and students are ready for the Team Plan Activity.
  • FAQ
    • Do my strengths change? – Data has shown that it does not change unless there is a major change in your life.
    • What about my weaknesses? – Data has shown that your strengths are what gets in your way more than your weaknesses
      [COMING SOON – View Balconies and Basements Activity to learn more]

Outline & Timing

Option 1

Step 1: Take the CliftonStrengths external assessment (25-30 min)
(Use your individual Access Code, sent via email, at and sign up for an account using your school email address.)

Step 2: Watch Gallup Strengthsfinder Video (5 min)

Step 3: Highlight Strengths Report (10-20 min):
Students highlight the words and phrases within their strengths report that resonates with them.

Activity Appearance