My Mindset

15 min



Competencies: Communication, Conflict Management, Planning Strategies, Reflection

Learning Objectives

  1. Develop a common language to discuss knowledge, skills, and strengths within the team
  2. Understand different ways individuals can influence and contribute to the team

Instructor Preparation

  1. Watch My Mindset Instructions Video before sending to students to better understand the assignment.
  2. Communicate with your students:  Let students know their instructions using one of the email templates below depending on how you are using this activity.
    – Students completing the Team Action Plan will receive this email template: Sample_Email.pdf
    – Students completing all activities in the First Year Curriculum Set (Claiming my strengths, My Mindset, and the Team Action Plan): Sample_Email.pdf 

Notes for Instructors

  • Participants must complete the CliftonStrengths assessment before starting this activity.
  • The ETD App must be used to complete this activity as is shown in the instructions.

Outline & Timing

  1. Download ETD App (3 min)
  2. Watch the Instructions Video (5 min)
  3. Complete My Mindset Worksheet (7 min)

Outline & Timing

Step 1: Download ETD App (3 min)

Step 2: Watch the Instructions Video (5 min)

Step 3: Complete My Mindset Worksheet (7 min)

Activity Appearance